T-Shirt Fundraiser to help Raise our Roof! 

If you'd like a physical order form to print off and return to the office, you can click HERE

T-shirts can also be purchased online by going to this page:

If you'd like to just support the Raise the Roof fundraiser, you can do so by going here.

                                          Raise the Roof 2022!

We need your help!   First United Methodist Church in Irwin has a tremendous facility that has been serving the Irwin and surrounding communities for over one hundred years.  We presently have 47 Ministries existing within the body of FUMC utilizing talents in the way God is calling you to do.  Our complete list is available at:

The challenge with our facility is keeping it in the condition necessary to continue to serve our community.  Presently $30,000 is needed to repair the slate on the main portion of the roof and replace 2 of our flat roofs.  We are asking for donations within our church and community to help continue our mission: 

"The First U.M. Church of Irwin exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ. We are a community of believers, centered on Christ, united by God's love, and empowered by the Holy Spirit"

Please contribute what God is calling you to help us with our Raise our Roof Campaign by clicking the link belowEach donation will be matched through our capital improvements matching fund previously established by one of our benefactors. 

Thank you. 

God Loves You and So Do We!