Hi My Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

What is new?  Everything right?  And then again nothing within the last few months, right?  This pandemic certainly has thrown a monkey wrench into the works of life.  It has been a major inconvenience in many ways.  Businesses have had to close or at least cutback and learn to make do with less, many people have lost their jobs and travel is nothing compared to what it used to be.  After all, we must not spread the virus.  Our social lives have been in disarray since the introduction of Covid-19.  I would almost say there is nothing good about this virus that has taken so many lives and wreaked havoc upon society, almost.

This virus has caused us to look at life a little differently than we used to.  The train of life has jumped the track, so to speak.  Now we have to get creative with our time and money.  Thank God for technology such as FB, Zoom, internet, email, and low power fm transmitters.  This things have enabled us to stay in touch with many people and to reach some new people as well.  I believe that technology is here to stay even after the virus has run its course.  And I want to give a big shout out to the people who have worked so hard with the technology to learn it and use it.  They have made a lot of sacrifices in order to get the Gospel message out to the world.  Well done, thou good and faithful servants!  Thank you.

I have tried different ways to stay in touch with folks.  I have sent out greeting cards, Bible studies, and surveys, along with doing an online Bible study every Wednesday at 1pm via Zoom.  Our services have been in the parking lot since Palm Sunday.  Hopefully we can soon begin meeting back inside, practicing social distancing of course.  We are pretty much just following orders from our Bishop Koi-Koi, who said to follow Governor Wolf's leading and to follow CDC guidelines.  Sometimes it is a pain and we may get impatient, but we do it to prevent anyone from getting sick. 

We miss handshakes and hugs.  We are tired of wearing masks.  We have had enough of fear driven media.  Howsoever, we will stay the course in order to protect even one person who is at risk.  There will be an end to this pandemic eventually.  Have faith, put others before yourself, and continue to do ministry in whatever way you can.  Stay in touch with God through Jesus Christ HIS Son and our Lord and Savior.  

And take this slow down in life to learn something new or to improve on something old or to accomplish a project.  Don't waste your time or talents.  God bless you in all that you do.

God loves you and so do we,

Pastor Bruce