Bible Studies

At Irwin First United Methodist Church, we have multiple Bible Studies so there's something for everyone!

Online Ten Parables of Jesus Bible Study

Study all of the videos at your pace for the Ten Parable of Jesus Bible Study.   Click on the links for each parable below to access on the YouTube channel:

10 Parables of Jesus 01 Parable Of the Talents

10 Parables of Jesus 02 Parable Of the Unmerciful Servant

10 Parables of Jesus 03 Parable Of the Two Houses

10 Parables of Jesus 04 Parable Of the Five Foolish Maidens

 10 Parables of Jesus 05 Parable Of the Good Shepherd

10 Parables of Jesus 06 Parable Of the Sower and the Seed

10 Parables of Jesus 07 Parable Of the Good Samaritan

10 Parables of Jesus 08 Parable Of the Rich Fool

10 Parables of Jesus 09 Parable Of Two Men in the Temple

10 Parables of Jesus 10 Parable Of the Prodigal Son 


Zoom Bible Study with Pastor Bruce

Time/Place: Wednesday afternoons from 1pm – 2pm
How to join: Zoom ID 86405925934 Password 011752

Zoom Meeting Instructions

Go to and click-join a meeting.
When prompted enter Meeting ID, then a screen will pop up to enter password. For landline or cell phone with audio only – Dial 1-646-558-8656. Enter the Meeting ID # and password when prompted.