2012 Full Services

Here you can download the entire Service from each week or just the sermon. The audio file for the full Service is a little larger than before, therefore may take a little bit more time to download. The weekly bulletin is on top, next is the Sermon, and lastly is the full Service. Some silence has been cut out to try to shrink the file. Also, for confidentiality, last names are also edited out.

If running any version of Windows:
To listen to the audio version of the sermon, click the week that you would like to listen.
To download, right click on the week you want to download, and click "Save Target (or "Link" depending on your browser) As and save it where you would like.

If running any version of Mac OS:
To listen to the sermon, hold down the command key (left of the spacebar) and click the week of the sermon you wish to listen to. Open the tab that your browser opened, and click play.
To download the sermon, just click the week of the sermon you wish to download.